Dr. Dave

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Dr. David Vasquez was born and raised in Northwestern Kansas. Like many children in that part of the state, he worked the family farm. Trying to determine his direction he turned to the guidance of his family. “I watched as both my mother and father received their college degrees and set our family on a different path.” Seeing his parents achieve their goals inspired Dr. Dave to pursue his own.

Dr. Dave completed his undergraduate degree at Kansas State University. In 2010, Dr. Dave earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry. He is continually working to develop and hone his skill set. Most importantly he continues to develop relationships with his patients. “I feel that every patient deserves to be treated like family. They need to know the options that you would provide to the people that are closest to you, then go from there.” It is this mindset that led Dr. Dave to create “Five Point Family Dentistry.”

“Where do I start? My first love is my family.”

“Ariana and I have been blessed with four beautiful children: Sophia, Emilia, Gabriel & Dominic. Ariana and the kids are the points to the crown in my logo. They inspire me on so many levels and you will hear me speaking of their adventures on a daily basis. Like any proud husband and father, they are my greatest accomplishment.”

Dr. Dave and his family are active in their community, church, and his professional affiliations. He is a member of the ADA, KDA, 5th District Dental Society, and the AGD. “All of these experiences have enriched our lives and helped to shape the practitioner that I am today.”

Music is a big part of my life. I can’t choose just one genre. I have so many favorite artists and they include artists from all genres new and old. As long as it has a solid beat, the kind that you can feel as it plays, is my kind of music for that time.

Like many other people, I’m YouTube-certified to work on my own projects. I love working with my hands. The textures and smells that are associated with machines are those of my youth. I guess those years of holding the flashlight paid off!

I like to hunt, fish, cycle, paint, draw, and other shooting sports. Having my hobbies keeps me active and provides so many connections and positive interactions with the people in my life. These are the things I’m passionate about.
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